The Summer League is now just two months away and it is time to start planning!

Each team usually has a squad of around 18 for a 9 match season running from May to July. Matches are midweek evenings usually starting at 7:30pm. Most games are in the Bristol area.

Home nights:
Tuesdays = Bluebottles & Bishops (lower pitch)
Wednesdays =  Angels & Cardinals (lower pitch)
Various:= Devils (lower pitch)

The standard in the summer is often higher than we face in our winter games so it is a good challenge for everyone who plays. We go to The Duck for post match drinks and most opposing teams have a hospitality venue. (NB. No food is provided after summer matches!)

Fancy a game?

Give us a shout clicking on this LINK HERE and we will talk directly with you and see what we can do.
Even if you don’t play for us during the winter season.

The home teams provide both umpires. A message will go out to our regular umpires from the Team Secretary to check your availability.

If you are not a qualified umpire and would like to get some umpiring experience please let us know. The development games are the perfect opportunity to get started.