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Hockey Academy Under 14s

Under 14s Boys Co-Ordinator is Richard Kellyrichardcharleskelly@gmail.com

Boys train every Sunday morning between 10.30 and 12.00 (U14s only) AND every Wednesday evening between 6 and 7 pm (U14s and U16s)

Under 14s Girls Co-Ordinator is Martin Hicksmartin.hicks83@gmail.com

Girls train every Sunday morning at Coombe Dingle Sports Centre between 10.30 and 12.00


At under 14 level we begin preparing our young players for the enjoyment of adult hockey for years to come, transitioning to full pitch 11-a-side hockey. Young players begin to understand the game and take responsibility for their roles within it, with opportunities for leadership and umpiring.

At this age group we split into separate boys and girls league structures, though we continue to take advantage wherever possible to mix the teams in our shared training sessions.

Westbury U14 boys have been running for some years now and have been very successful both in participation in junior leagues and at facilitating the path for boys into our senior teams.

To continue to offer opportunities to girls, equally valued participants in our mixed sex academy teams to under 12; Westbury HC has created a girls U14 set up, which will aim to support and smooth the transition of young female players into Westberries Ladies HC, our associated ladies hockey club. After only 1 season this set up is proud to be enacting this transition for a number of young players with links growing.

We participate in the Avon Junior Hockey Leagues as well as other local games. We use this exposure to the full game to continue our development mindset and create a growth environment where we are developing the skills and self awareness to play hockey in the right way, with the spirit and approach that Westbury HC and Westberries LHC play.