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Academy Teams

U16 Team

Westbury & United Banks HC U16 Team 2014

Last Season

Last season we’ve seen the team grow in strength, both in terms of results but more importantly in the numbers of new players that have played in the team, stepping up from the Sunday junior training schemes. In summary:

6 games won, 10 games played, 8 new players started in the badgers team this season, squad size 28.

The progression from Sunday training has worked well and I see this only improving as the U12 and U10 squads give experience to the developing junior players. We have seen our ‘mid-age’ (13/14) players begin to join the ranks of the Adult teams, starting in the Widgets, 5 players have made these first steps and I hope to see this continue this year.

The size of the selection squad has increased and this will extend again, despite the loss of 5 players who breach the 16 year age threshold.

Aims for this season

This year we have a slightly bigger league, giving even more chances for everyone to play, main aim is to have fun and keep learning.

U12 Team

Westbury U12 2014

Last Season

Last season was all about building confidence our young players, about half of whom already had played hockey for 2-3 years, but also a number experiencing the game for the first time. Playing in our first competitive festivals, the children improved massively over the course of the season as they learnt to get to grips playing against other teams who had played a lot more hockey than them. There was a noticeable progression from losing heavily in our first festival games, then towards drawing and holding our own against good teams, and then to actually scoring goals and winning a few games. There were some excellent performances towards the end of the season and some of our more capable children were ready to make the step up from U12s to training with the Badgers despite still being in the U12 age group.

Aims for this season

This season the aim is to continue to build on last year’s success and fulfil two main objectives. Firstly to maintain and improve our competitiveness in festival play as much as possible. Secondly, to prepare those old enough and capable enough for the step up to the Badgers team where they will experience full match play rather than the shorter festival versions of the game that they experience as U10s and U12s.

U10 Team

Westbury U10 December 14

Last season

Last season was all about building confidence in younger players with previously limited exposure to hockey, and many also experiencing the game for the first time. Learning both the skills required to play the game as well as getting to grip with its rules was challenging for most, but by the end of the season there was real improvement in the squad. Entering the squad in competitive festival play for the first time meant a steep learning curve for all – outclassed in many games at the start, but competitive by the end and even winning a few games.

Aims for this season

This season the aim is to continue to build on last year’s success and to involve as many children in festival play as possible so that they experience this exciting aspect of sport – playing in a team, and learning to play competitively and also how to win and lose graciously.